On the Trail


Once the initial unease
of stepping out of cell reception
and trading street traffic for open trails
wears off, once the feet become
accustomed to sidestepping roots and stones
and the legs churn out miles smoothly
without rest, once the whirling thoughts
dissipate into a mist of ferns and pines
and stress simmers into the roiling boil
of survival, that is when
the real journey begins.

There’s One Thing Missing

I have my chocolate coffee jitters,
I have an anxious smile ready.
All I need is you.

I have a quiet mossy forest floor,
I have my emerald resting place.
All I need is you.

I have eight dollars folded in my pocket,
I have a ferry leaving soon.
All I need is you.

I have a ballpoint pen and sheaf of papers,
I have a story blooming in my head.
All I need is you.

I have a rucksack packed and ready,
I have the whole world to explore.
Now all I need is you.