When I said “thank you”

Enduring Freedom

Photo from wikipedia.com

When I said “thank you”, I meant:
I can’t picture watching a friend
bleeding in the sand, split six feet,
head bruised or red, spilling.
I meant thank you for being willing,
thank you for not telling me
war is a good thing.
I meant I am sorry for all this loss.
I meant I wish your psyche wasn’t
wounded, your dreams weren’t tumultuous
and unending. I meant we should bear this
as a country, not as an army of one.
I meant I do not wish I had been there,
but there is no way for me to understand
otherwise. I meant aside from politics,
person to person, just two souls sharing,
I hope you find peace.
I meant I hope for healing.
I meant this all but could only say “thank you”.