Hospital Bed

In the ER, the lights are always on
and despite it all, the nurses laugh
amongst themselves. I am sobbing
without sound, as I have been all day,
to rinse the pain out of my skull.

Taylor drains some blood from my arm.
They say the curtains must stay open,
so they can see in. I know I am selfish
because I will not go back to school.
At home the unfinished books have been
crowding my space.

My friends aren’t here with me,
so they will never know. I wonder
how long I have left.

1 thought on “Hospital Bed

  1. I really hope you didn’t do any long-term damage to yourself, and I do understand how one can find themselves in these situations, and I’ll be honest, I was welling up whilst reading. I sincerely wish you well today, and hope you’re feeling stronger and tougher now. – We can only test ourselves so much, before someone else has to step in and pick up the pieces, and as you know, that’s no fun.

    – always feel free to contact me –

    much love, E

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