cast out
like a litter of unwanted
kittens in cardboard
shivering, drenched

mewling from tiny
faces, pink noses scrunch
in effort at the clawing
fruitless on the walls

rain pounding their
delicate ears, they huddle
together as it
becomes dark, quaking
their mother

they claw through me
forcing me to my knees
drawing sobs from deep
in my chest
i miss
my mother


2 thoughts on “kittens

  1. This happens far too often. People need to start being more responsible as pet owners and get their pets spayed or neutered. If it’s too late before a litter of kittens arrive, then at least find them good, safe homes! Spring and Fall are the two kitten seasons, so everyone must be on the lookout for these helpless little ones…

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