Kitten + Camera

I had way too much fun playing around with the Canon 5D Mark III that I borrowed this weekend. My friend’s kitten generously modeled for me. Thought I would share.

5E4A8791 5E4A8792 5E4A8815 5E4A8850 5E4A8841


10 thoughts on “Kitten + Camera

      • What’s her name? We also have a new kitty since July, his name is Jasper and I just love him. Every morning he comes to wake me up and rubs his nose on mine lol 😸

      • Hum Bao – does it mean something? It sounds Asian… My kids and I finally agreed on Jasper after I think a hundred of names we went through lol… I think Jasper fits him well, he’s a silver tabby and absolutely gorgeous. I think he’s going to be huge because he’s not even 6 months and he weighs around 8 pounds.
        Hum Bao is such a beauty!!! Long time ago when I was a girl I had a black cat with a white spot on her forehead. Her name was Mimi. 😊

      • That’s too cute! I posted a few pics in my previous posts, but he was little. I think I need to do a real photo shoot like you! 🙂 ❤️

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