Reclaim Myself

I am tired of all the waiting, the excuses,
the endless I got caught ups,
me putting on make-up and eating candy
to pass the time, tired of wondering
when I will deserve to be a priority,
sick of hanging onto the words of another boy,
sick of you, and all the yous I’ve met
and wasted my sweet time on, growing impatient,
boiling like a kettle forgotten on the stove,
feeling forgotten one too many times.

I am ready to cast off all these ties and lines
which anchor me to your validation, to your words,
to throw my vessel into the roaring sea and
set sail without a map, to reclaim myself alone,
ready to chart a course to a new land where
I am not just someone’s fantasy, not just
available to make you feel better, but am
myself without you, my true self, and
I do not linger in the pain you’ve caused me.


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