Three Genres of Lovers

I. Hungry boys. Searching hands
grabbing for shreds of pleasure.
Roughly adjusting. Scarce words;
the silence fills itself.

II. Hesitant boys. Questioning
eyes, slow drift fingers on cloth.
Sharp intake of breath. Turning,
glazing over. Daydreaming.

III. Quiet, gentle boys. Whispers.
Lips planted on my forehead, cheeks.
Guiding hands. Lips cracked into
a soft grin, teasing. Lightness.


3 thoughts on “Three Genres of Lovers

    • Interesting question. I think I used “boys” rather than “men” because I was reflecting on certain encounters I had as a teenager. A way to distant myself from those times a bit. I am in that odd part of life when they aren’t boys anymore but aren’t yet men…

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