The Foreign Feeling of Hope

I am feeling a little better right now.


It’s like catching a glimpse of a flickering candle down a long, dark hallway.
I want so badly to hold onto this light.
I want so badly to feel better.
I am throwing myself into doubt, the unknown, the darkness.

Please help me…
Friends, universe, Wakan, that which we cannot understand.
I have to believe in you, or I will have nothing left.


9 thoughts on “The Foreign Feeling of Hope

  1. Hopeful is good, birdie! May the Great Spirit lead you in His Love and Light from this day forward. So be it. 💓

  2. Hey Kari. I am so glad you are feeling better, even a little better. That is a good start. If you give Him a chance, God is waiting to help you through life and all you go through. Always glad to see a post from you Kari. Always willing to chat a bit as well. You are an amazing, bright young lady, with a gift for writing.

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