Angry Poem

I don’t care to eat
when you are dead
I don’t care to sleep
you’re in my head
I don’t care to cry
all my tears have been shed
I don’t care to live
nothing good lies ahead

I don’t care to laugh
I don’t care to sit
I don’t care to breathe
Just don’t give a shit


8 thoughts on “Angry Poem

  1. Hey Kari: bring back to your memory the fun times, good talks, all things enjoyable, that you had with your friend. Do it to honour him and his memory. To honour him in this way, you do need to eat and drink healthy. You need to rest. You need to keep your mind healthy and active.
    It is ok to grieve and cry, because he is missed and that will also honour him.
    You have much to offer others and the world in general, and as you go forward, your life can light a memorial to your friend’s life and legacy.
    God’s Continuing Blessings and Strength as you walk along this troubling road.

    • Thank you George. It is difficult to feel that I am honoring my friend because I feel so guilty. We were very close and I feel that there was so much more I could have done to keep him here, even if just for a little bit longer…
      Do you think God could forgive me? I don’t know how I’ll be able to forgive myself.

      • Kari. Your first question is easy to answer. Of course God can and WILL forgive you. In this situation, what is there for you to ask to forgive? (A question for yourself, I am not asking you to tell me). If there is anything, or for all things, you only need to seriously ask Him.
        Regarding your 2nd question… Why do you think you need to forgive yourself, why do you feel guilty, how could you have done more, anything, to prolong his life? (Again, for your thoughts only). (Unless you would like to discuss things).
        I have a personal question to ask you regarding the final part of your note, it may seem blunt, and I guess it is, but I am saying it in love. You wonder about being able to forgive yourself. I know God will forgive us of whatever we ask. So, I have thought, and asked myself in the past, have asked others, and now ask you Kari. Since God willingly forgives us whatever we ask, it appears we put ourselves above God when that happens.
        I don’t believe you think of yourself that way Kari, so if there is any reason that you feel guilty, you can, and you need to forgive yourself. Your friend would encourage that too, I am sure.

        I hope this is not too confusing. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or responses to these thoughts. Email if you wish.
        God’s Blessings and Peace, Kari.

      • I see now what you mean. We do not decide who is to be forgiven. God forgives us all, even if we feel we cannot forgive ourselves. Thank you George. Your wise words are always a comfort to me. I will try to take care of myself in the days to come…

      • Thank you for working towards taking care of yourself Kari. At a time like this for you, it does not mean you are completely happy at all times, because grieving and sadness is natural. BUT there can be an inner joy that God places within. Happiness depends on things, circumstances, events, people etc. Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit, given freely by God.

        But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. (‭Galatians‬ ‭5‬:‭22-23‬ ESV)

        You can use your gifts and talents to write encouraging poetry also Kari. As well, you can write how you dream of the future to unfold.

        I continue to say you are a gifted, talented, intelligent, sensitive, beautiful young lady, and I, probably along with many others will look forward to more writing in the future if what you dream, see, and do.

        God’s many Blessings pouring upon you Kari, along with His Peace and Comfort.

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