The Perks of Being Suicidal

You don’t need to waste time eating.
You don’t need to do homework.
You can tell your professor you have a crush on him.
You can sleep around.
You can break the speed limit whenever you want.
You are allowed to cry however long you want.
You don’t have to buy new clothes.
Even brushing your teeth is optional some days.
You can start downsizing your apartment.
You can stay in bed all day.
You can quit your job.
You are able to stare at a blank wall for hours.
You can stop worrying about finances.
You don’t have to force a smile anymore.
You can cancel all your plans.
You can ignore all your calls.
You don’t have to feign interest in the stock market.
You don’t have to worry about exercising.
You can plan your own funeral.
You are allowed to live without caring.


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