Thoughts on Synchronicity

Do you believe that two related events can happen, close together, with no discernible reason as an explanation?

This weekend I was thinking a lot about my old cat, who died last year. I was feeling guilty about the way I treated him when I was much younger.
I was too rough, insensitive. I hurt him sometimes. I didn’t treat him well.
I grew out of that behavior as I aged. But still I carry the shame.
How could I reconcile this with being such an animal lover?
It had been on my mind all weekend.


I hope you have forgiven me. ❤

On Sunday, I spread out my blanket in my yard in a patch of sunshine and nestled in for some reading.
Suddenly, a neighbor’s cat walked over to the blanket and curled up next to me.
This cat has never approached me in my yard before, although other neighborhood cats have many times.
In fact, I don’t see this cat very often.
He looked up at me, meowed. He had the very same tabby colors and fur patterns as my old cat.

Could this be a message? I wondered. I peered into his face.
Why did he approach me, right at that particular time when I was carrying so much guilt?
How could these events have coincided so perfectly?
Am I forgiven? I asked him.
I’m not sure. Am I being superstitious? Is that a bad thing?

And then, today, my professor in class gives us a lecture on synchronicity. When related events happen together for no obvious reason… it’s baffling.
When I see these things for myself, I begin to wonder.

Is the the Universe trying to tell us something?
Is is just a coincidence, to be brushed off or ignored or rationalized away?
What do you all think? Have you had experiences with this?


17 thoughts on “Thoughts on Synchronicity

  1. This is interesting! Sometimes I’ve had an experience of thinking that I see someone I know. Then, when I get closer I realize…”oh, that’s someone else.” There was a characteristic that looked just like them, like clothing style or hair or body outline. Later that same day, I will see the person I had originally been thinking of. This has happened to me three or four times and it’s freaky!

  2. This is a beautiful story! You are forgiven.
    I don’t believe in coincidences. Signs are all around us, but some people are more in tune with the spiritual and some are so far away that they can’t pick up anything. I had many, many spiritual encounters, signs and “coincidences” that lead me to follow my heart and forget about rationalizing…

    • This is what I’m beginning to think too! It’s great that you were able to stop rationalizing (as culture often tells us to do) and tune in to the spiritual messages. I’m trying to get more in tune with that myself.

      • That’s good, being in tune with the spiritual side is life changing! Some things just don’t have a logical explanation… I know someone who was diagnosed with the stage 4 cancer and doctors told him he had a few months to live, but guess what – he is well and alive today and cancer free! Faith is believing in things unseen, believing in miracles, goodness and light, signs… This world stretches much farther than we are taught or want to believe. Life is truly good and a wonderful mystery!

  3. We often tend to mark such instances as co incidences. In my country faith, destiny and karma play a very intrinsic role. They say that such instances are indeed signals from the Universe. I have personally had such experiences and they are a bit scary because they are sudden and out of the orinary, but they also make life even more beautiful! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! I do think there’s a strong cultural influence here in the U.S. that tells us not to believe in destiny or “signs”… Good to hear your perspective. 🙂

      • Well the East has always been “fatalist”. The cultures here have been and still are close to nature so signs become an intrinsic part of life. Life here is not seen in the liberal atomistic view. Rather it is a piece of a larger dynamic cosmos where elements are interlinked and inter dependent. Modern civilisations find it hard to comprehend such notions. 🙂

      • Yes! I know what you are saying, even though I have trouble interpreting the world that way due to the culture I’ve lived in my whole life. But the older I get and the more I learn, the more I see how everything is related and linked…
        Do you believe in fatalism? It’s hard for me to wrap my head around.

      • I can understand.
        To a certain extent I do. Sometimes a person can have the right amount of hardwork, passion, precision etc and may yet not achieve what they desire or deserve. And sometimes there are people who just happen to get things and go places – that is because of their destiny/fate. Our culture says that one should just follow their karma/duty towards society, family, whatever basics that they are required to do and the fruits of their toil would reach them in one form or another throughout the course of their life. It is not a full proof plan for success in the way we see success in the material world. But it is a plan where one performs their duties and aims to co exist leaving material gains in the hands of that supreme power and the bigger scheme of things. ( I hope I am making some sense, I am not an expert and am still learning about these concepts myself) Basically I cannot gurantee that fate or even God exists, but it is good at times to have something to believe in as we go through life- it becomes a source of inner strength, or at times helps accept the ill timed hardships one may face. They say that your soul has to evolve and reach salvation and thus you will face certain specific experiences because only they can catalyse that evolution.

      • Thanks for the explanation. That’s a very interesting way to look at life. I often wonder why good things happen to people who really don’t seem to deserve it, and especially why horrible things happen to such good people… this belief/theory tries to explain that, I guess. But really, there’s not any way to know for sure. It’s the uncertainty that makes us continue to create theories!

      • It was my pleasure indeed.
        Uncertainity is like another word for life! It is people’s unwaivering faith here that makes them strong in the face of uncertainity and adversity. I wish you further progress in discovering such phenomena and I hope you find an explanation that satisfies your curiosity. Take care! 🙂

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