In a Dirty House

I wanted everything to stay clean in my house.
I scrubbed the floors spotless, but you
came in and left long black scuff marks
with the soles of your shoes.
I collected silverware and polished the forks
with a fresh white rag, but you
came in and broke my plates and dropped
my favorite glass pan on the ground and it took weeks
for you to replace it.
I wanted everything to stay clean in my house.
Your eyes said, life is not so clean.
And you tracked dirt on my carpet, and
let potatoes rot under the sink, and
left open your window in the winter so
when I came home my bedroom was freezing.
The worst thing is, you left.
Passed through my house, in one side
and out the other, without a care.
My house was clean until you came in, bringing
grime and dust and breadcrumbs,
and then you left me
in a dirty house.


4 thoughts on “In a Dirty House

  1. Hey Kari: it must be terrible and frustrating when someone comes into your life and messes things up on you. I hope you don’t open yourself up to that kind of abuse continually. You don’t need people in your life who do not respect you by treating you and your home / belongings respectfully also. Please attempt to connect with people like yourself, and you will find more contentment and happiness.
    Do you have a church family for support, or an organization of like minded people, where you could meet others and hang out with them? Enjoy your day, looking forward to hearing how you are doing, using your great potential for growth and blessing others.
    God’s Blessings. George

    • Thanks again for the comment, George. I have found some places and groups that I felt connected to, but have since let them go. I suppose I should try to reconnect.

      Otherwise things have been okay lately, just lonely. This is my own fault as I often don’t have the energy to be around people and keep up a facade, so I don’t cultivate relationships like I ought to. Ah, well.

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