If Wishes Were Fishes


Photo from evelyzenunez.deviantart.com

She wishes the him-shaped hole could be filled with plaster.
She wishes that fleeing to Brazil or Nepal would take away the problems, but she knows they will follow her if she runs.
She wishes she could run faster.
She wishes on the first star she sees.
She wished once for a frightful illness, so she could suffer bravely, and have a reason to cry, and have an end to keep in sight.
She doesn’t wish for that anymore, that was many years ago.
Now she wishes for the medication to work.
She wishes for age to reveal a splash of happiness or wisdom or strength.
She wishes for smiles from strangers.
She wishes on dandelions.
She wishes through her tears as she kneels by her bed.
She wishes she could pray, or even believe.
Tonight she simply wishes for time, more time.


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