Aching for Your Smile

I’m aching for your laugh, your smile.
To see your mouth turn up at the sides,
to see light dancing bright in your eyes.

I’m aching to see you happy.
I’m aching to feel your ease, your warmth,
your quiet appreciation.
To touch the edge of something bigger.

It’s just us two, sitting across a table,
discussing nonsense that makes up the day.
I am constantly making stupid jokes,
just to hear your laugh melt away my anxiety,
just to watch your expression soften,
just to feel this peace in my chest.

2 thoughts on “Aching for Your Smile

  1. I enjoyed reading your poems just now. It is a medium that I used a lot when I was in college. I loved writing poems. It is such a personal and unique way of expressing yourself. Keep up the beautiful writing. (PS I am digging your blog’s title – simple, but clever)

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