Lying in Bed

He’s happy. He is in love, in-
fatuated- in over his head

She’s ambivalent, asking do we
exist do we love- what
is love? What is we

He says take it one
day at a time we’ll take
it slow we have all the time
in the world.

She doubts. But takes
good care of him. Or tries.
Some days it’s more yelling yet
they don’t lie. They promised
to be open what is open

She does want to spread herself
open like wrenching a crevasse
into her chest as if opening two doors.

He doubts. It’s not easy nothing
is ever easy though, the crying
will stop eventually. Sunrise comes
they don’t sleep.

He says we’ll take it
one day at a time. What do we take
besides each other’s pain to hold
in chest-crevasses? Asks she

Neither of them know.


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