Challenging My Comfort Zone and Stuff


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Tomorrow I am heading out on my next adventure: to work on an organic farm through the WWOOFing program ( It feels surreal, but despite that, I’m nervous. Good! I think this is one of the best ways to grow as a person; to do things that scare you. Then the next go-round won’t be as intimidating. You’ll also feel more confident facing other challenges. I also like to put it in perspective and tell myself “At least I’m not being shipped off tomorrow to begin a 4-year tour in Afghanistan.” A tad extreme, yes, but it works. I could be in a much worse position. Millions of people have faced terrifying situations and come out on the other side just fine (this is not a political comment regarding war, which is often physically and psychologically harmful). This is literally a vacation I’m going on. If you’ve ever lived with anxiety, maybe you can relate to how I feel. Vacations are scary. Sometimes, nearly everything is. That’s why it’s so important to challenge the fears, like mine around travel, change, unfamiliarity, and isolation. I will be doing things I’ve never done before with people I’ve never met before in a place I’ve never been. By diving right into what feels hardest, I might prove to myself that I am braver and more capable than I first thought. Well, that’s enough of reassuring myself for one blog. This has been a long-winded explanation of why my blog will be on hiatus in August. Wish me luck!


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