Gray Musician

Gray musician

Strumming strong thumbs

Among the worn copper chords

Your hum gently torn from

A breeze drifting down

To me you sing

A despairing melody of

Heartsick darkness that

Follows you around

An aching soul but

Eyes warm and glowing

Catching me downstream

To me you sing


There was an old man

Broke both of his hands

He found two children

Said they could fix them

He did not notice

That they tricked him

He couldn’t write then

Was done with living

Walked off the old bridge

And joined the fishes


I will fall deeply in love

Because sadness connects us

And we’ll live on the river

Just you and I spying on otters

Sipping black tea cracking

Shellfish in their feet as

We pick blackberries for dinner

I’ll read books aloud by

Candles smoldering

Our children will be charming

Disarm guests with wit and

Tiny pearly grins giggling

He strays now floats away

Cradling notes that pour

From calloused fingers on

Parade for all the girls

Captivated by his siren song


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