I Arrive at Midnight

I slip under the covers,

Settle in next to a globe-eyed girl.

Yet each breath burdens her chest

Sluggish blood creeps beneath her skin

Let me in.


I greet her, trace the knotted wasted spine

With icy fingertips, cracking parchment

She shivers,

But I’m colder. Move over.


Curl up closer, sardines in a tin coffin

Writhing within my oily mess

She’s my captive now,

Already drowned.


I know she once worshipped me

Once I was her deity

You need me; won’t leave me.

Pity you’re so weak.


I assess the swollen elbows, sharp knees

Tug dry straw strings from her scalp

It will take much more

To make you pretty.

Don’t ask me back until you’re ready.


I never leave.


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